i never knew i would say this but…

i’m actually thinking of considering pediatric oncology. it actually sounds like the most depressing thing in the world, but compared to adult oncology,

-no worry about super complicated histories, like HTN, COPD, history of heart attack, usually no UTI, usually very little instances of drugs, alcohol abuse, diabetes, HPL, 100drugs, etc etc. in short, kids are CLEAN
-most cancers are either genetic, or have some underlying cause that is special (instead of, say, smoking. or just being old. or a combination of many things compounded) I may be wrong, but I feel children with cancer usually have it because of SOMETHING special. kids are NOT supposed to have cancer
-healthy bodies to start out with?
-kids will actually most likely be on schedule with their meds, bc their parents will make sure they take it
-kids are so endearing…and i’m not sure if newborns or even toddlers get cancer, so at least most of my patients can still talk to me

Usually, kids are the ones that develop things like neuroblastoma, leukemia, or other rare cancers–the ones i’m actually interested in. so… next step–contact someone at CHOP!

I just don’t know if I would want to go through a pediatric residency though :/

after reading the blog of a pediatric oncologist, there is NO WAY i can go into pedonc. the stories were SO SAD…It is true that you really DO need to be a special person in order to do pedonc. Those doctors are angels.


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