singaporean mob boss

This shirt I found on one of my thrift-store hunts. It was only 1 dollar! I was really drawn to the paisley print–it looked so cultural 😛


mom: are you serious? that looks like a shirt that belongs to a singaporean mob boss
I guess I could see the rational behind my mom’s comment–the shirt DID have a tinge of asian flavor to it. I decided to go with the asian theme and make the shirt even more asian, just for a girl 😛

I adjusted collar, added middle band, and some ironing, cutting and sewing later…

the after, with grandma and brother…and new (super short >__>) haircut:

i also added those stripe-y things in the middle (can you guess where they are from? :))

Overall, pretty satisfied, although adding the middle band was a lot harder than it looked. I couldn’t find reddish fabric to match the trimming on the shirt, so I used an old tan tshirt for the band instead. I like how it breaks up the pattern.

Merry Christmas everyone :D!


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