thank you God

Couple random musings I’ve had that I’m just going to list out there

-I have no idea why I ever stopped running. I can DEFINITELY feel a difference in my mood and energy level on the days I run vs the days I don’t run. Who knew running could feel so good?! ❤

-I don’t think I’ve ever really appreciated how many amazing, unique people are in my life before med school. I am SO thankful for all the people I’ve had the chance to meet and befriend. So many people in my Jeff class bring a smile to my face ^__^ — from the Cali fashionista, to the artsy genius, to the jacked soft(ies), to the ‘over-enthusiast’ (with the brilliant smile), to the uninhibited psychologist, the stubborn outward person hater, inward super-carer, the prim and proper gentleman, the jittery but SUPER friendly chef, the crazy motherly figure, the could-be-professional pianist, the hippy future-psychiatrist, the yoga-biker-baker, the classic mama’s boy (teehee), the world traveler, the African philantropist, the inner Korean, the loving father, the superhuman runner, the never-serious Trinidadian, the geriatric-loving trophy boy, the ivy-league poster child……..the list goes on and on…

Oh, I love people. The best thing is, all these people are so super nice and friendly! I realized also that the people I love the most are the ones who are so unique, so different, but so confident in who they are. Thank you med school! I really thank God for helping me finally get used to the transition :]

-Received exciting updates from K!!!!!! I also realized how silly and naive I am at even TRYING to talk on his level…sigh. Still…it reminded me of how much I missed PSU. I am seriously forever grateful for K even trusting me with as much as he did

-SO thankful I took BMB402H at PSU. Thank you TK!


completely random, but it made me smile:

“The distinction between Christianity and all other systems of religion consists largely in this, that in these others, men are found seeking after God, while Christianity is God seeking after men.”

— Thomas Arnold


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