bootleg dress draping!

Right after our Systems block, me and J decided to make a trip down to Happy Valley for the AACF end of the semester banquet. The banquet was semi-formal, so I decided to assemble a dress for it since 1. med school = negative income 😦 2. I didn’t want to rewear a banquet dress and 3. I wanted to see what would happen. This is fabric I found on clearance in LA–only ~$2 in total!! 😀


from L to R: main/base piece, one shoulder piece, middle piece

Btw, LA’s fashion district is AWESOME for finding unique and gorgeous fabrics! no wonder hollywood gets so many amazing costumes!

just one of the MANY shops FULL of fabric in the district

Due to a physiology final, I did not get to sew the dress as initially planned, but I did bring safety pins. And I really didn’t want to buy a dress. So, after much experimentation, pinning, tucking, and wrapping…

the finished product:

with M at banquet!

Fabric was a bit wrinkly, but i’m pretty happy with the result 🙂

Thanks to J for helping me with the safety-pinning ;D banquet was super fun, and it was so great seeing everyone again <3!



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