post-exam outfit~

I got this shirt a really long time ago–during the winter when my hair was still long (!). A thing called med school just sort of took over my sewing time šŸ˜¦


I loved the print and the shell buttons on this shirt, but there were
1. 2 gaping awkward slide slits
2. awkward shoulders with humongous SHOULDER PADS and
3. just an overall grandma-esque fit

To celebrate FINALLY finishing first year of med school (!!), I indulged in some much delayed sewing. On this shirt, I brought in sides, cut off the sleeves and scrunched them a bit, then closed those awkward side slits. Result = post exam outfit! The fabric was perfect for the weather ^__^


hopefully with summer around, i’ll be able to fill this blog with a lot more projects šŸ˜€ stay tuned!


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