valu-plus dress

Late last year, I had mentioned getting a bunch of stuff from a Valu-Plus store that was going out of business. Here is another piece from that haul:


no shape, super long, and side slits?! I look so thrilled haha xD

To justify my decision to get this dress, not only were they super cheap (literally $0.60 each), the fabric was really light and crepe-y. The material was perfect for the summer. I liked the general shift-shape of the dress, but it was way too plain…and long >__<

To modernize it~
1. I cut off the bottom part of the dress (about a foot of fabric) and used the scraps to wrap the straps and create a more fitted look.

2. I also used leftover fabric for a ruffle bib + skirt covering on the bottom half of the dress to 1) minimize the transparency of the material and 2) give the dress some much needed shape.


yay ruffles!

Close up of the ruffling and straps:

And voila! New summer dress 😀 I’m pretty happy with how this came out, but there was definitely a lot of guess work involved. Hopefully with more practice, I’ll actually know what I’m doing next time xD



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