grocery shopping

a guy beckons to me in the produce aisle at superfresh; i’m listening to the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome…
me:      [takes out headphone] Hm?
man:    [lifts up a huge leaf of some vegetable] Hey, do you think this is spinach?
me:      Umm…hmm…no I think spinach has smaller, more defined leaves…
            I think you can find some over by the wall over there [points]
wife:    See! I told you so!
man:    [Looks at me, then at wife] So then what IS this? [still holding up kale]
me:      I think it’s kale?
man:    Is it greens? [holds up collard greens] Are these greens?
me:      um…I think?
wife:    haha why you askin’ her what greens are? she ain’t black!
me:      hahaha I think those are collard greens.
man:    OK well thank you.
me:     no problem! [plugs in goljan and resumes shopping]

hahaha that made my day xD


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