Haiti Medical Missions — Clinic Day 2

…be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ 
loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. 
–Ephesians 5:1-2

Today’s clinic was definitely a lesson in being, and sharing, God’s love with our patients. I was paired with Matt, a family medicine resident from Canada. INCREDIBLY compassionate, Matt wasn’t thinking about how many patients he could see in one day; he focused on how many lives he could get to know. It was SUCH an encouragement to work with him. To see his love for God poured out in his love for the Haitian people… he not only prayed for the patients, he asked them specifically what he could pray for them about. That opened the doors to the stories of our patients, whose social status ranged from the poor to the middle class; whose professions ranged from roadside merchants to motivated students, to even members of the church worship team. One patient was an adolescent mechanic who wanted treatment for his acne–it was funny seeing how the confidence problem (with appearance during adolescence) is an issue EVERYWHERE xD Another patient had actually come last year too, and told us of the doctor who treated her then–she wanted to go thank him and saw that he was here this year! The chances that she would come back and that the doctor would also come back–wow.  Definitely got to learn bedside manners from Matt. Getting to know patients and hearing everyone’s unique story–that’s why I went into medicine. And thanks to Matt, I was shown how to open doors to making that connection today 🙂

Today was also an amazing testimony of how God puts certain thoughts into our minds for a reason, and how he uses us to carry out His will. The story:
Last year, a 10 yo boy, M, came to the GHO clinic with bad asthma to get treated. He left quite an impression on the missions team with his vibrance and love for Christ. Not only did he get excited when he saw that the team was using the Evangecube (a little nifty thing our team is using to share the gospel), he wanted to pray for the team (instead of vice versa!). He left such an impression on Matt that God put him in Matt’s mind this year. Matt just got a feeling, before he came on this trip again, that he should get a Bible for M in Creole and give it to him, perchance he saw him again. And by God’s provision, Matt saw M when he was walking down the street on one of our breaks! The joy on M’s face when Matt presented the Bible to him was simply…beautiful. It just goes to show–God works in such mysterious, but amazing ways. Praise the Lord!  
M and Matt
On top of that, when we were about to leave clinic for the day, Matt saw M again. In just a little over an hour, the young man had drawn this:

WOW. I was literally blown away. The talent and love that kid has for God–I think Matt is right. God has a plan for M–a plan we can only pray about. SUCH an encouragement! 

We ended up seeing 275 patients today, very close to our planned 300. A team from Canada actually came and helped out with the pharmacy and kids ministry downstairs, and their willingness to serve and share lifted our team’s spirits greatly.

Some more pictures from clinic today:
Our bus was blocked from the road by a parked car, so we walked like about a block to the clinic today.
No biggy–it let me take these pictures 🙂
+managed to get an outside view of the chuch we’re working in.
The doctors and providers are on the top floor (where you see the wood paneling) 


One of patients came in with a lipoma on his back that we excised out 
  Our fearless leader (Rick) at work

Here are the faces of our medical providers (+ our awesome translators +/- students who worked with them)!


My team! Matt was SUCH a blessing to work with 
THIS KID. He was SO CUTE, and everytime I smiled at him, he smiled back!! *MELTS*
The other of two procedures we performed that day (first was the lipoma).
This was a cyst in the guy’s eyebrow o_O

The most amazing part of the day was when we were cleaning up to go home, the church decided to break out into worship! And they were singing songs from artists like Chris Tomlin and Hillsong–except in Creole!! We had a good 30some minutes of just awesome, uplifting worship. It’s just another reminder of the incredible unity amongst believers of a God that is greater than ourselves, but who loves each and everyone of His children just the same. 🙂

The church’s band had a full out BAND, with guitar, keyboards, drums! They were awesome!
Worshiping in Creole

 And then it was back home, finally.

Today was a longer day than yesterday, but I felt more refreshed today than I had yesterday. Just seeing God work through everyone here–please just pray that He continues letting us be vessels for him, that we continue getting to know people here, and that He will use us to show people His love and bring hope to people through Him. Also, our team is splitting up tomorrow–5 members are going to a local orphanage to treat kids there; 2 are going to scout out another missions site, and the rest of us will be manning the clinic. Less doctors means us upper year students get to see patients on our own (!!). So please pray for guidance and provision for me and the other students tomorrow–that we will have strength to work the whole day; that we’ll be able to connect with our translators; that we’ll be able to help treat these patients. It’s going to be a crazy day tomorrow!

❤ Sharon


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