I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months into my 3rd year of medical school–a year that some presume to be the most physically demanding and intellectually straining, but also the most eye-opening. I couldn’t have started it with less of a bang, with general surgery. Needless to say, though going to Haiti didn’t give me much of a break between boards and 3rd year, it definitely prepared me to get back into full-fledged clinic work right away. Thank God again for providing such a great opportunity…it couldn’t have fallen at a better time.

 I went into surgery almost CERTAIN I had ruled it out of the picture, but left actually really enjoying the cases I got to scrub in on. Though the hours were long and hard, I found myself looking forward to every day.  I guess some can view the medical profession as morbid in its fascination with the very sick, complicated patient, but I genuinely loved the numerous complex cases in surgery and was surprised to realize my disappointment in the lesser amount of acute emergencies in ophtho (though I shouldn’t have been surprised). Lately on ophthalmology, I’ve found myself quite bored. At least now I’ve ruled out ophtho 😛 A scary thought is that considering surgery would completely change my plans for the future…so I’m still on the fence about allowing surgery into the picture. But there are fields that involve medicine and procedures too…like gynecology, urology, GI, etc. So the verdict has yet to be decided o_O

3rd year so far has shown me how amazing God’s plan for me has been. I knew I liked science and talking to people, and I figured I would like medicine, but I had no idea going into my program what medicine would entail. Now, having been in the hospital for the past 2 months (and pretty much living there for a month and a half), I’ve realized medicine is quite possible the best fit profession out there for me. God is so good…when I took a leap of faith and went for the program, I still had my mind set on research. But being the clinic has opened my eyes to a field I knew nothing about before…but am so blessed to be a part of 🙂 Thank you God.

May he continue to be my motivation to be diligent! haha 🙂


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