inspiration #?

I like to post links to people I admire, so I have a reference later on for who I might want to emulate.

Dr. Fagenholz
Spent “[first 3 years doing general surgery residency. then next 2 years] he was a research fellow…studying the epidemiology of surgical diseases such as pancreatitis and burn injury as well as the physiology of hypoxia and high altitude illness.  His high altitude work led him to Nepal where he performed field work in the Khumbu Valley and met his wife Alice, an emergency medicine physician.  Dr. Fagenholz then returned …completing his residency in General Surgery….

In addition to his travel to Nepal, Dr. Fagenholz has also worked with Partners in Health performing and teaching surgery at Butaro Hospital in Rwanda ( and is currently invovled in international surgical development through the Program in Global Surgery and Social Change at Harvard Medical School (

This guy is AWESOME!! His story ignites more frustrations on whether oncology should really be the field I want to pursue if I want to go into international work (though, there definitely is a hole there. which means lots of new research upcoming on prevention and cost juggling!). OB/GYN?? EM???? probs not surgery, though so cool!! 🙂


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