wanderlust #2

Favorites from the National Geographic Photo Contest, 2012:
Village and islands in background in Gásadalur, Faroe Islands
Baobab forest in Avenue du Baobab, Morandava, Madagascar.
Buddist temple in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)
Japanese maple tree in the Portland Japanese Gardens, OR

Looking at these photos makes me want to cry. Because I want to be in those places SO badly. In reference to my previous entries, I have SUCH a wanderlust…to the point where I really want to run away and explore the world for a year. Too bad reality is that I am stuck until I finish my career. Or am I? What is stopping me?
-lack of money

But why should I do it now?
Reasons from this guy (from previous post)
-i’m young
-no ties down.
-no job that demands things out of me 360 days a year (*cough* residency)
-clearly, i am currently miserable haha

Just putting this here too:
Pictures of the Szechuan Earthquake 5 years later


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