nerdiness cont. :)

Ok this is really true testament of my science dorkiness–I am seriously in love with the things people are doing at the NIH! So many crazy talented people, so much AWESOME science being conducted…absolutely amazing.

Had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Dunbar today and if I could clone myself, I would TOTALLY work with her (or maybe Dr. Childs). Both are incredible mentors; both are extremely brilliant; both do stuff that can use ALL my research experience and makes things come in full circle…how cool would that be!? I think in the future, once I get a computational background and learn programming and more vigorous statistics this year, I want to take another year and do research with them. Extremely, extremely awesome projects they both have going on, particularly this paper.

Tracking HPSC’s with confocal microscopy!! 😀

Sadly, I can only work with one person this year 😦 Or can I?

No, that would be suicide. Ok Sharon, lets focus here.

A good reminder to do a future post: the lure of academia vs the pull of the heart

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