asian parent quotes #2

Me: Hey parents, so it turns out I’ll need a car in MD for this year
Parents: Hmm alright. Use the van for now.
Me: Will you guys be ok? (we didn’t have enough cars for everyone to drive to work, so my parents were going to carpool in the meantime o_O) Do you think it’s time I bought my own car?
Parents: Just keep the van for now. We’ll figure something out.

2 weeks later:
Mom: So…should I get the Tesla?
Me: WHAT?!
Mom: just kidding!

1 more week later:
Parents: We got an electric car! (Ford Focus!) It drives so well!
Me: So…what about the van?
Parents: The van is now yours. Enjoying the new ride 🙂

To put this in context, I now drive around a 2002 Toyota Sienna…total soccer mom status without the company ^__^’ Gotta love my family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have ANY vehicle to drive. But its sort of funny 😛


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