my people

“i heart you”, said heart to the gut 😛

You know that feeling when you meet people that totally just click with you? That you can be yourself around and not be judged, or be judged but still tolerated? That you might not even know that well yet, but you know you have so many things in common already, and totally hit it off?

Or when you just love the people you’re surrounded with?
Reason #howeverhundred I’m so happy I chose medicine: my classmates and peers are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, or will ever meet, and though not everyone creates that same feeling felt above, there is a pretty darn high percentage of them that do. It is true that you may just meet some of your best friends in med school.

Absolutely love the people I’m meeting, the people in my life, and the environment I’m in. Trust me, it wasn’t always like this, and won’t always be like this either. But man, does it feel good, and this moment deserves recognition in a post so that if I ever doubt or feel lonely, I am reminded that I really am not. Another reason I think this is possible is because I feel like I’m finally being honest with myself and who I am. Med school taught me the hard way that you can never please people, but hey, the lesson is learned. Also, I’ve been slowly coming out of my introvert shell–opening up a bit more, letting people in a bit more, being confident in who I am and getting away from the ‘pleasing’ mindset that has been in my head too long. It is amazingly liberating how good this feels.
Thanks be to God for always being so amazing and providing 🙂

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