(Self) Epiphanies of the day

(with obnoxious hashtags just for kicks ;))

1. My wanderlust, interest in photography/photojournalism and the international world is attributable 100% to the fact that my family subscribed to National Geographic during my middle school and early high school years and I read them religiously. And kept stacks of them in my room too. #wandereratheartbutsubconsiouslytrainedthatway

2. My interest in personal stories, op-ed and other essays stems from the fact that my family also subscribed to TIME magazine (and also Reader’s Digest for a little bit), which I also read religiously, and then I started reading the New York Times. This was partially to get current events to do well in AP US History (LOL), to have things to talk about, to have things to read, and also to prepare for the SATs (yup, admitting total tool status right there. #sorrynotsorry)

3. I credit my distaste for improper grammar and my desire to use a more expansive vocabulary whenever possible to the prep I did in order to do well on the SATs (though I’m pretty sure that last sentence has some grammatical error xD). I literally kept a notebook where I would record unknown words I encountered in the aforementioned reading materials and write the definitions/sentence in context. #overachievingepicnerdstatus

4. My desire to be a housewife/do crafts/cook comes partially from the fact that my family also subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens for a while too haha! But more of it has to do with the fact that my grandpa is EXTREMELY handy and made like a ton of things around the house by hand instead of buying, whenever he could. My grandparents also loved going out to restaurants not just to eat, but to steal dish ideas to recreate at home. #secretlywishicouldjustbeahousewife

4. Borderline unhealthy desire to learn all things musical (singing, piano/guitar and dance too!) are due to a) piano lessons for almost 9 years and b) a brief foray into dance classes in like… 5th or 6th grade or something haha #hindsightis20/20 #thankyouparents

5. People always say I’m really smiley…I think part of it is credit to my mom, who used to randomly smile at me whenever I would look over at her when I was growing up. This was like all the way until middle school. #momsarethebest 🙂

6. Part of the reason I like being social, but I’m also fiercely independent, is credit to going to sleepaway camp in 7th and 8th grade and a) learning to meet and befriend people in a short amount of time and b)fend on my own early on  #nerdcampftw

7. Part of the reason I love nature is because I grew up in a rural-fringe suburb. I have woods behind my parent’s house that I would explore constantly, back when I didn’t know about ticks and actually had time. #hikingftw

Just a couple introspections. It is a testament to more reasons life is so beautiful, and our lives are really shaped extensively by our experiences and exposures…even ones we don’t expect. NOTE: Things to keep in mind when I’m parenting in the future–I want my kids to have similar values! In reference to a sentiment in a previous post, not enough people are seizing life/being productive members of society/making the most of opportunities nowadays but my kids certainly will!!

In other news, one of my friends posted up this article from Business Insider about a study by Dr. Ungar and colleagues at Penn analyzing the relationship between people’s personalities and their facebook posts (which are quite accurate…surprise?). It caught my eye because there were a bunch of word clouds they shared as part of the results and I would like to direct your attention to the bubble for introversion:

(click for larger image)

From that cloud, it would appear as if using japanese emoticons like ^__^ or >__< or o__O are associated with introversion?! I use a TON of these…what does that mean?! haha. Quite a fascinating study though. The original research article is from PLOSOne here.


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