this week on the interwebs…#1

I think I’m going to start a compilation of interweb articles that are not necessarily from news sources, or related, but just gems in and of themselves. Here’s my first list of articles I’ve come across (most from fb haha), in no particular order, 1st edition! There is no real reason I am putting these here, other than the fact that I want to come back to them later. Is that so bad? Enjoy! 🙂

Theory: How the brain creates personality

Revolutionizing heart transplants…literally an ‘out of body’ experience – YAY technology!

SPEAKEASY’s IN NYC!!! – to come back to for reference

Hilarious comics on the differences between HK and Taiwan

History behind the plane in the desert — the fact that this is real is mind blowing. In the most awesome way 🙂

math in real life!!!


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