I’m a twenty-something medical student, science dork and eternal wanderer, currently on a journey to learn all that life has to offer. I love studying medicine and science, but I also love hearing people’s stories, traveling beyond tourist spots, giving back to society, hiking up mountains, and ultimately, gaining inspiration from those who believe in dreams, because I strongly believe in the power of dreams. I am a huge fan of scientists/visionaries/world-changers, personal touches, ambitions (with plans to accomplish them), and creative cuisine. My family and faith mean the world to me.

In this blog, whether it be a foray into science, medicine, faith, food, photography, nature, sewing, or music, you’ll catch a glimpse of my journey. Some might call my interests a bit chaotic (and I would agree), but life is too rich to miss out on what it has to offer!

I blog because writing to me not only is a way to record experiences, but also is a way to practice introspection, to learn more about myself as I try to pinpoint what I want to convey in words.  From my first journal in 6th grade to multiple notebooks, websites and blogs later, every entry has never failed to remind how beautiful life is — life, that encourages us one moment or breaks us the next, but ultimately, that shapes who we become. Interlaced in pages and the interwebs are my lessons of love, heartbreak, angst, disappointment, hope, and insight into the human condition…with no regrets. This blog serves to document my journey as a young adult: in setting the foundations for my calling as a medical researcher, in establishing myself with an understanding of human nature and a skill set I can be proud of, in accomplishing steps along different goals in life, in capturing and sharing beauty with the world, and maybe, perhaps, in learning to find love too — all under the guidance of the Ultimate Healer, our God who never fails. I hope along the way, you guys can also be encouraged and inspired; maybe even learn a thing or two ; )

Thanks for reading! Here’s to celebrating life’s experiences, lessons and journeys…together!


PS: For those who are curious, here is my list of Goals before 25


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