great teachers

lessons from Dr. Pizzo

Today’s Great Teacher lecturer: Dr. Philip Pizzo, former Dean of Stanford Medical School

-Tenacity, tenacity, tenacity. If you encounter obstacle after obstacle but truly believe in your cause, KEEP GOING. All you need is passion; the rest will fall into place.

-Find your mission. In every encounter you have, especially as a leader, have a missions statement, continue REMINDING yourself of that, and have that be the thread throughout all your talks. Focus on your mission, and it will be accomplished. One source? Your patients.

-Listen. listen, listen, listen.

-You’ll never revolutionize unless you take risks.


lessons from Dr. Fauci

Today’s Great Teacher: Dr. Anthony Fauci

1. When there is a will, there is a way
2. Keep an open mind, but the bottom line: ALWAYS have the final question in mind
3. Go with your gut
4. See number 1
5. Luck favors those who are prepared for it