hello september!

Short post today because I have to go study, but…


Another thrift store find 😛 Boxy weirdly shaped top; really really long; and why is there a random slit in the middle??

The one redeeming factor in this dress was the fabric on the skirt portion–I loved the light, crepe-y material and the color scheme of the floral pattern. 
The first thing I addressed was sewing up the random middle slit. I wanted to make this into a lighter, more cheerful outfit, so I got rid of the top completely (the skirt was long enough to make into a new dress o_O). I also wanted to keep the style simple because the pattern was already pretty busy, so limited my sewing to just top and side seams. 
Decided to cut a squarish neckline to make it a bit more flattering at the top, used the elastic that originally held the top and bottom of the ‘before’ dress together in the middle, and brought in the sides a bit.
It reminds me of this Forever 21 dress (in terms of style):
Ethnic print dress from Forever 21 
Did I mention I’m currently obsessed with these t-shirt style dresses? They are SO comfortable, especially when it’s hot out. Now that fall is approaching, will definitely be whipping out my layers and pairing this with tights and boots 🙂

valu-plus dress

Late last year, I had mentioned getting a bunch of stuff from a Valu-Plus store that was going out of business. Here is another piece from that haul:


no shape, super long, and side slits?! I look so thrilled haha xD

To justify my decision to get this dress, not only were they super cheap (literally $0.60 each), the fabric was really light and crepe-y. The material was perfect for the summer. I liked the general shift-shape of the dress, but it was way too plain…and long >__<

To modernize it~
1. I cut off the bottom part of the dress (about a foot of fabric) and used the scraps to wrap the straps and create a more fitted look.

2. I also used leftover fabric for a ruffle bib + skirt covering on the bottom half of the dress to 1) minimize the transparency of the material and 2) give the dress some much needed shape.


yay ruffles!

Close up of the ruffling and straps:

And voila! New summer dress 😀 I’m pretty happy with how this came out, but there was definitely a lot of guess work involved. Hopefully with more practice, I’ll actually know what I’m doing next time xD

post-exam outfit~

I got this shirt a really long time ago–during the winter when my hair was still long (!). A thing called med school just sort of took over my sewing time 😦


I loved the print and the shell buttons on this shirt, but there were
1. 2 gaping awkward slide slits
2. awkward shoulders with humongous SHOULDER PADS and
3. just an overall grandma-esque fit

To celebrate FINALLY finishing first year of med school (!!), I indulged in some much delayed sewing. On this shirt, I brought in sides, cut off the sleeves and scrunched them a bit, then closed those awkward side slits. Result = post exam outfit! The fabric was perfect for the weather ^__^


hopefully with summer around, i’ll be able to fill this blog with a lot more projects 😀 stay tuned!

oversized men’s shirt

Happy New Years everyone! To celebrate 2011 (and the end of winter break T__T), I decided to fit in one more refashion


I chose this shirt because the material was thick and warm–perfect for winter!

mom: is this dad’s shirt?! he doesn’t even wear things this big!!


It’s hard to see, but I took the (TONS) of extra fabric from the sides and made it into a bow at the collar + added puff sleeves ♥

This is one of my favs so far–will definitely be wearing this with leggings to survive the snow and freezing temperatures!

singaporean mob boss

This shirt I found on one of my thrift-store hunts. It was only 1 dollar! I was really drawn to the paisley print–it looked so cultural 😛


mom: are you serious? that looks like a shirt that belongs to a singaporean mob boss
I guess I could see the rational behind my mom’s comment–the shirt DID have a tinge of asian flavor to it. I decided to go with the asian theme and make the shirt even more asian, just for a girl 😛

I adjusted collar, added middle band, and some ironing, cutting and sewing later…

the after, with grandma and brother…and new (super short >__>) haircut:

i also added those stripe-y things in the middle (can you guess where they are from? :))

Overall, pretty satisfied, although adding the middle band was a lot harder than it looked. I couldn’t find reddish fabric to match the trimming on the shirt, so I used an old tan tshirt for the band instead. I like how it breaks up the pattern.

Merry Christmas everyone :D!

grey flower dress


I got this dress a while ago while thrifting. There were so many things not wearable about this dress:

1. SUPER long, but short sleeves?!
2. grey boring color + boring pattern
3. it looks like a pillowcase
4. i look like a grandma >__>

So, I cut off at least 6 inches and took the extra fabric and sewed on leaves.

The end result?

This took way longer than I had estimated, but I think the finished product was worth it 🙂

closeup of the leaves~

If i have time (or get bored), I plan on drawing a line down the middle of the leaves to make them more leaf-like. I also probably could have spaced out the top leaves a bit more (+ironed) but oh well 😛

valu-plus XXL shirt

Valu-plus is a store just across the street from our apartment that happened to be going out of business this past week. As a result, they are liquidating pretty much all their goods, including plain cotton t-shirts. Normally, I never buy just plain cotton T’s, but ever since I started following sewing blogs, I’ve had an urge to grab every cheap fabric source I can get at to practice sewing xD Here’s a shirt I found for <$1!


jared’s subway commercial take 2 xD
Haha I really have a soft spot for these XXL shirts–mostly because they can easily become tunics 😉

To alter this, I brought in the sides and used the extra fabric to make rosettes for the collar.


best thing about being short is that you can take adv. of these xxl shirts xD

closeup of the rosettes: