Things I want to do before 25

Nothing feels better than checking off an item of a list. Decided to write out a list of things I want to accomplish before the age of 25, as a reminder, source of accountability, and motivation to stay focused. This is a work in progress — I will be adding to this and crossing things off as time goes along ūüôā

1.. Learn to make a video with my DSLR
2. Learn hiphop dance
3. Learn to sing
4. Travel to at least 3 more countries, including China (and go to Guilin!!)
5. Finish updating this blog (and my photo blog) with posts:
-hiking trips to sugarloaf, billy goat, old rag, tammany mountain
-foood adventures! bob’s noodle, sichuan pavilion, A&J, Oriental East, M&N pizza, eatonville, shophouse, food truck, mamawok,¬†everything from philly like jamonera! meritage! dandelion brunch, barbuzzo,¬†pumpkin carving tutorial
-travel to vegas, california, rome, etc
6. Get into residency!!
7. Publish a first author paper


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